What is Grief Counseling?

Individual, couples, or family counseling will provide a safe space to explore feelings and learn coping strategies with the help of a trained mental health professional. Counseling sessions can be a more private and focused way to explore feelings related to grief.

  • Individual Counseling: This may be especially helpful to individuals who are having difficulty processing a traumatic, sudden, or especially difficult loss. For individuals experiencing grief symptoms that inhibit their ability to take care of themselves or others, individual counseling is likely the most effective place to seek help.
  • Family and/or Couples Counseling: Because family dynamics can change after a loss, this may be a good option to ensure that the family unit can respect each other’s unique grief experiences and differences while still supporting each other.

General Counselor Directories

If you are interested in finding a therapist/counselor or professionally led support group, please consider using the websites below to search based on therapist specialty, treatment modalities, accepted insurance, and location.

If you do not have insurance coverage and cost is a barrier, if you live in Maryland, you may qualify for free therapy. The Pro Bono Counseling Project offers therapy to families, couples, and individuals. They can help with depression, anxiety, grief, relationship issues, feelings of being overwhelmed, problems at work, and more.

Call for a free interview: 410-825-1001 or 877-323-5800

Visit their website here.

Grief Counseling for Donor Families

Taylor's Gift Kindred Hearts Program

Led by professionals and trained volunteers, the Kindred Hearts Program provides support groups and individual support to donor families in a caring environment as well as the opportunity to walk with others who are experiencing a grief journey similar to their own.

Grief Counselors in Maryland by Region

Capital Region (D.C., Frederick, Montgomery, and Prince George's Counties)

  • Wendt Center | Washington, D.C. | 202-624-0010 | Provides counseling, support groups, and Camp Forget-Me-Not.
  • Hospice of Frederick | Frederick, MD | 240-566-3030 | Provides one-on-one counseling, support groups and workshop, and Camp Jamie.
  • Chesapeake Life Center | Largo, MD | 888-501-7077 | Provides individual counseling, support groups, and Camp Nabi.
  • The Washington Home and Community Hospices | 866-234-7742 (Tollfree), 202-966-3720 (Washington, D.C.), 301-560-6000 (Beltsville, MD) | Provides individual counseling and support groups.
  • Capital Caring | D.C., VA and MD | 800.869.2136 | Provides individual counseling, support groups, and workshops for adults and children.
  • Dr. Allison Bomba | Frederick, MD | 240.405.9661 | Offers individual counseling as well as children and teen bereavement groups.
  • Frederick Psychology Center | Frederick, MD | 301.695.6455 Extension 10 | Some providers at this center specialize in grief, loss & trauma.
  • Friends in Transition | Bethesda, MD | 301.661.3481 | Offers grief counseling as well as other mental health services
  • It’s All About Us!, Inc. | Upper Marlboro, MD | 301.576.4100 | [email protected] | Dr. Monica Banks Greene is a life coach specializing in individual, couples, and family psychotherapy. One of her treatment specialties includes grief.
  • Jordana Ravick, LCSW-C | Bethesda, MD | 347.450.0646 | [email protected] | Offers individual and family counseling as well as support groups.
  • Joanna Strait, LCSW-C | Chevy Chase, MD | 202.930.8723 | Offers counseling and support groups. She specializes in grief and loss (to include pregnancy loss & infertility).
  • Carmen Spears, LCPC | Chevy Chase, MD | 410.205.9631 | Provides in-person and online psychotherapy with a specialization in grief and loss.
  • Hope-wellness | DC, MD, VA & PA | 703.923.8965 | [email protected] | Offers mental health counseling with providers that specialize in grief, loss and life transitions
  • Jamie Eaton, MS, LCPC | Frederick, MD | 240.415.8981 | [email protected] | Offers individual counseling and support groups with a focus on grief, loss and trauma

Central Maryland (Carroll, Howard, Anne Arundel, Baltimore City, Baltimore, & Harford Counties)

Eastern Maryland (Cecil, Kent, Queen Anne, Talbot, Caroline, Dorchester, Wicomico, Worcester, and Somerset Counties)

Western Maryland (Garrett, Allegany, and Washington Counties)

Southern Maryland (Charles, Calvert, and St. Mary's Counties)

  • Hospice of Charles County | Waldorf, MD | 301-861-5300 | Provides individual counseling, support groups and a kids camp.
  • Hospice of Saint Mary's | Callaway, MD | 301-994-3078 | Provides individual counseling, support groups, educational programs and Camp Sunrise.
  • Therapy Café | Prince Frederick, MD | 443.295.8955 | | Offers various individual counselors at this practice. Request a practitioner who specializes in grief and loss.
  • Melinda Ruppert | Mechanicsville, MD | 240.298.2442 | Provides individual counseling, support groups, and workshops with a focus on grief and loss.
  • Link Counseling Services | Dunkirk, MD | 443.295.3412 | [email protected] | Offers individual counseling services.
  • Sherrye L Urtz, MPH, LCPC, CBC | Leonardtown, MD | 240.434.0589 or 301.475.6591 | Provides grief counseling and runs bereavement support groups.
  • Stacey Newman, LCSW-C | Prince Frederick, MD | 443.432-2231 | Specializes in bereavement counseling.

Virtual/Telehealth Only Options

  • Circle Connection | MD, VA & DC | [email protected] | Offers counseling, workshops and healing circles with a focus on grief, loss and medical health crises
  • Betterhelp | Nationwide | Counseling by online chat, video or phone - available anytime, anywhere.
  • Talkspace | Nationwide | Online therapy and psychiatry for indviduals and couples.

The above listings are for general guidance and are not referrals to nor endorsements of any particular counselor or organization. Please make sure to talk thoroughly with any counselor to determine whether they have experience in grief counseling are a good fit for your needs.