The Division of Vital Records – For requesting additional copies of a death certificate

Maryland Department of Human Resources – For more information on state funding for burial assistance. Review website for eligibility and information on how to apply.

Department of Veteran Affairs – For more information on veteran burial assistance funds, memorial items and compensation for surviving spouses and dependents.

Social Security Administration – For more information on how to report the death of someone receiving this benefit or to apply for survivor benefits.

Burial Information

After a loss, we are faced with the responsibility of deciding on burial and funerary arrangements. Commonly, people use the services of a funeral home. They are experts and will help your family navigate the process step by step. Additionally, there are other options available that may fit the wishes of your loved one and may be more affordable if you’re experiencing a financial hardship.

There are some organizations in Maryland that provide direct cremation services, which means that a formal funeral, viewing, or wake may not be included, as this is often times significantly less expensive. This may also be a good option for those who wish to hold a celebration of life or ceremony of remembrance on their own terms.

Some people may be aware that their loved one would want to contribute to research or medical advancement, and therefore may want to look into whole body donation programs. Some programs require pre-registration and there may be certain criteria that needs to be met in order to utilize this service. While this is typically low in cost or free, cremains may not be returned in a timely manner or at all. It is important to check with the specific organization you’re looking into.

Death by Injury, Homicide, Suicide, or Criminal Circumstances

Crime Scene Clean-Up Options: There are some circumstances surrounding certain deaths that require bio-hazard remediation to help with cleaning up as well as bacterial dis-infections. This will help assure the safety of individuals occupying the space. You can check with your homeowners or renters insurance to see if they will help cover the cost of these services. We do not recommend one company over another, but here are some options to help guide you on your search for a company that can work within your budget for your specific needs.

Criminal Injuries Compensation Board (1-888-679-9347): The Criminal Injuries Compensation Board (CICB) is a remedial body designed to provide aid and assistance to victims of crime in Maryland. Their statutory authority shall be construed in all circumstances to remedy the harm to the victim and in favor of eligibility for the victim or claimant.

Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) presents resources which may be able to help victims and their families, and victim service providers, law enforcement, and first responders.

Maryland Crime Victims Resource Center ensures that victims of crime receive justice and are treated with dignity and compassion through comprehensive victims' rights and services.

Maryland Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (410-333-3250): You may need to contact the Maryland Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) to request a copy of the autopsy report.

What to do when a loved one dies:

A Survivor's Checklist